Custom Art
Now is Your Chance!

If you don't see the perfect painting in my gallery, then why not request it?  The most popular part of my business is creating custom art!

My customers love to have the freedom of choosing the perfect size, complimentary colors to their living space, and style that best suits their personality. The process is simple, send me an email letting me know what you're interested in. Then, we work together and then I paint it for you! If you send a photo of the room and blank wall, I can provide a Photoshop image of what the size and style of the painting may look like in your room. This makes it real and exciting for my customers.

Most people worry that the custom art is expensive. Well worry no more. Typically, my custom paintings don't add much more to the painting cost than my personal work listed in the gallery. It all depends on the scope of your request.

So don't be afraid to contact me if you'd like a custom piece of art. Requests are 100% free!

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