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Recently I've been given such an amazing opportunity to donate my artwork for a good cause.

Helping Typhoon Victims in the Philippines...

As you have heard recently in the news, the Philippines were hit by Typhoon Ondoy and left many homeless, hungry, and many sick from disease spreading through the waters.  My brother-in-law Greg has created a website to help raise awareness to the victims that still need our help.  Please visit http://socialdonating.org/ to learn more about what he is doing and what YOU can do to help!

One of the ways I wanted to help out in raising awareness was to donate a painting to be raffled off.  To enter into this drawing, you must help us raise awareness by doing one of the following:

"Join any one of our groups (email, Facebook, etc) and you’ll automatically enroll in a raffle for this beautiful modern floral painting. “Joining the team” means that you will receive occasional updates from us on our typhoon “Ondoy” recovery efforts."

Again, please visit www.SocialDonating.org to see how you can sign up!  Raffle will take place November 9th, for this painting, "Solace"



The ARC of the Capital Area's Building Bridges Art Celebration & Auction

The second opportunity that I had was donating a piece to the ARC of the Capital Area here in Austin, TX for a silent auction. It was the ARC's 10th annual "Building Bridges Art Celebration & Auction."

"The primary goal of “Building Bridges” is to celebrate the passion, love and great achievements of all artists with disabilities. With more than 100 pieces of professionally framed artwork, numerous exciting auction packages and a prestigious dinner & awards ceremony, “Building Bridges” has become a highly anticipated and increasingly profitable affair. All proceeds will benefit The Arc of the Capital Area, a non-profit providing community support and services for Central Texas citizens with developmental disabilities."

For more information about the ARC of Austin, please visit:  www.arcofthecapitalarea.org

Art Piece: "Bold Promises"

Silent Auction

Explaining my piece to a fellow artist

Dinner and live auction

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