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Listed below are a few testimonials from previous customers of mine.  If you would like to provide a testimonial, please feel free to email me and I'll post it below.
My email is:

"Totally in love with the painting you made for us.  It has great energy and makes me happy."
--Yana D. (Los Angeles, CA)

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my painting - it really just brings my apartment to life!  I have to say, I was really excited that you actually used the name I picked for the painting on your website :)  Thanks again and I know that in the future when I want custom artwork done, you will be my first and only choice!
-- Sara T.  (Austin, TX)

"Hey Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know that my Mom LOVES the painting! It's perfect. Thanks again!"
-- Pamela A.  (Austin, TX)

"I had been lusting after Rebecca's paintings for some time before I finally made up my mind which ones I wanted. Not only did Rebecca remember me from contacting her 2 years earlier, but she delivered the paintings and showed me how to hang them. They are more beautiful in my home than in the photos, adding rich swaths of color that made walls come alive!
A triplet of paintings have been placed on the cabinets in my study and leaned against the wall, creating quite a clean, bold, and stunning statement to an otherwise nondescript room. I look forward to collaborating with Rebecca on future room improvements!"
-- Jill B.  (Austin, TX)

"Hi Rebecca. I don't remember if I ever let you know how amazing the painting looks. Everyone that has seen it has loved it!! I love to tell everyone that it's an original painted just for me!!

Thank you again!! I will definitely contact you if I need another painting!!"
-- Alina C.  (Miami, FL)

"Incredibly rich colors, obvious thoughtfulness, and well studied placement! Thank you for offering your emotion and hard work at incomparable value! My new home colors will be based around my three most recent purchases."
-- Chadwick C.  (Jackson, MS)

"We love the painting we bought from you. It's beautiful, contemporary, and chic. The thing we like about it the most is that you can put it up in so many different ways. Thanks for your great customer service and I can't believe you ended up dropping the painting off at our place because it was on your way. We love your art, so don't be surprised if we're repeat customers.
-- Sunita M. (Austin, TX)

"I've purchased two paintings from Rebecca and am extremely pleased with both pieces! You must view the panels in person to fully appreciate the detail and texture - photos are not a fair representation of her finished product.

At my initial meeting with Rebecca I was drawn to a particular series of panels that were slightly too small for the intended space. I explained my need for a larger piece and she promptly re-created her art on a larger scale while providing excellent communication during the process.

Thanks for the gorgeous art, I look forward to referring my friends to you!"

-- Brandon V. (Austin, TX)

"They look awesome, THANK YOU so very much."
-- Donna L. (Waxhaw, NC)

"I've ordered three artworks from Rebecca so far, and I'm very pleased about the quality of her work. The paintings look magnificent in real life, the pictures on her website don't even do them justice. Payment via PayPal was very easy and she immediately shipped out the paintings professionally wrapped and packaged via 2 day DHL service. Great value, those artworks are a real steal!"
-- Thomas G. (New York City, NY)



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